Computing facilities
Computing facilities
Computer Lab

CUSAT has state-of-art campus network support for the user community. All the departments are linked with a fiber-optic backbone. CUSAT is also part of UGC network project which has established a seamless broadband and scalable pan-India inter-University link.

Computer center

The Computer Centre established in 1989, is one of the seven Level III centres, spread out among the various regions of India, under the ICOSER project initiated by the Technology Information Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC) of the DST. High performance computing equipment has been provided with a view to promoting scientific research in this region. The Level III Centres across the country, are linked through 64 kbps data links, with connectivity to the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, which is coordinating the ICOSER project at the national level. It acts as the nerve centre for the campus wide fibre optic network, forming the central switching point in a hierarchical star structure. The design facilitates access of the unbeatable work stations and work group servers of the computer centre from the different Departments of the university. Remote login with the designated machines at the SERC IISc. is also possible, thanks to the ICOSER project. The Computer Centre, thus, offers major computational facilities for teaching and research programmes in the various Departments of the University, fosters interaction between other research institutions and industries and contributes significantly to high quality computer education in the non-conventional sector.
SMS Computer lab is well equipped computer lab connected to internet through 150 mbps and 1 gbps dedicated university gateway. Well equipped Lab with latest software and facilities exclusively for SMSians. More than 100 computers with internet connectivity and access to digital database. Students stay connected round the clock with the added benefit of Wi-Fi available for their laptops and information available in the blink of an eye.