life at SMS
life at sms
Life at SMS

School of management studies welcomes everyone to its pleasant atmosphere and charming natural beauty of the CUSAT campus. Students of SMS are drawn from various disciplines and diverse backgrounds and are trained to acquire skills required to adapt to the challenging situations in the field of management and commerce.

Life at SMS for students is memorable and enriching for students as no two days are similar. The School of Management Studies is a place to create your own destiny and seek success on your own terms. Explore your interest through our clubs and organizations, cheer on our sport team, attend concert and events. Experience all that SMS offers and make your SMS years some of most memorable life.

At SMS, Classrooms are a place to bond and rebound with friends and to have conversation on general affairs, business, entertainment etc. It’s a busy life in the campus as the students are constantly initiated by various tasks in managing and organizing events. There are several co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to make learning fun in the campus.