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Vision & Strengths
Vision & Strengths

SMS aims at enabling exception leaning experience to help prepare students with analytical decision-making capabilities that aims to influence business practices of tomorrow

Through variety of student initiatives, conferences and workshops, SMS offers immense opportunities for students and management professionals to enhance and expand the boundaries of their knowledge. Indeed, School of Management Studies is an abode of knowledge, heritage and culture.

  • One of the Pioneering B Schools in South India-– for more than 5 decades SMS has been in the frontiers of Management Education in the country, moulding managers for mankind.
  • Strong placement record - consistently 100% placements.
  • Offers one of the highest ROI for students - compared to other B schools, salaries our students get is very high compared to the fees they pay
  • The school has highly qualified and a rich pool of faculty ( All with PhD), who besides teaching, are engaged extensively in conducting management development programmes, faculty development programmes, consultancy projects and training for the benefit of government, community and industry.
  • Good quality students selected through a systematic and rigorous admission process.
  • The School employs different methods of instruction: lectures, case teaching , seminars, role-plays, syndicate, field work , group discussions live projects , independent research study, etc
  • The unique programmes offered by the School aim at developing the personality of students and sharpening their oral and written communication skills.
  • SMS has equal gender representation of students
  • Strong and active alumni network- serving alumni all over the world, the school holds one of the largest alumni networks, spread over the globe and across various areas of expertise.
  • Syllabi and course content revised periodically ; offers wide range of electives.
  • A large contingent of doctoral scholars - with more than 100 full time and part time PhD scholars, SMS has provided a large number of management teachers with PhDs to other management institutes in India.

Our motto: Moulding Managers for the Mankind

Moulding Managers for the Mankind is conceived with the vision that future managers need to be groomed to become principled and socially responsible leaders. Embedded in this is the notion that managerial role should be reflected in its ability to transform the economic and social system by creating businesses that serve the common good.

Humanistic managerial competence promotes responsible practices in business and society. They should be capable of practicing with high social impact.

Managers with the ability to span contextually complex cultures are an important resource for both businesses and society. They become future leaders who are credible and capable advocates of international peace.

The view of making the institution a socially responsible body and to inculcate the idea of contributing to the whole mankind in every way possible is the driving force behind the motto.

All efforts to sustain and develop these qualities have ever been the theme for all activities and programs of the institute.