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The Finance Club was launched as an effort to educate interested others about the fun side of finance. It is an effort to educate ourselves and others about various tools and products and studies related to finance. We have organised various events regarding the domains of finance, that includes talks on Cryptocurrency, Union Budget, Investments in various securities markets. The club also promotes initiatives from its members to organise discussions and a platform for sharing knowledge. The club is guided by our faculty coordinator Dr. Santhosh Kumar S.


The purpose of our club is to promote among the members and the community around us to have financial literacy and make people aware of the opportunities that are available to them. Finance club also aims at becoming a platform for its members to explore the world of finance be it the technical details of various forms of accounting to the new world of blockchains. It's our purpose to be an inclusive club with people from all backgrounds collaborating with each other.

  • To emphasize the importance of finance.
  • To make the students more competitive in terms of both concepts as well as practice.
  • To give a platform to the students to bring out their best and improvise upon their concepts with a better practical understanding.


The finance club provides students with opportunities to discuss various finance related topics outside the classroom in order to create a greater appreciation for and understanding of the economy. In addition to their own education, finance Club members strive to educate the masses on the use of technology and the various opportunities in the financial markets

Our activities involve:

  • Webinars
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Helping other clubs through various collaborationss
  • Active Venue to share ideas
  • Financial literacy
  • Crypto/Blockchain education

Contact Info

School of Management Studies,
CUSAT Main Campus,
Cochin University Post,
Kerala - 682 022, INDIA

+91 484 2575310
+91 484 2575096

Social Info

Our First activity as a club was the orientation session organized by our club for all the students who are interested in joining the club. The webinar was conducted by our faculty coordinator Dr.Santhosh Kumar S. Through the webinar, the students were educated and oriented on the basics of the finance domain.

After the Union Budget it was the need of the hour for our club to organize an event to discuss the various elements within the union budget of 2022. The session was moderated by Dr. Sangeetha K Prathap. The Pro-Vice Chancellor of the university Dr. PG Sankaran inaugurated the function at the presidential ship of Dr. Jagathyraj VP, Director, School of Management Studies. Dr. R Ramakumar, Professor, Tata Institute of Social Sciences analyzed the budget and discussed the various nuances in it. The webinar gave the students a way to understand the budget.

The next event the club coordinated was in collaboration with Infoverse. The webinar was organized by Crypto University on The Future of Blockchain & Cryptocurrency. Students of SMS got an opportunity to discuss with experts how blockchain technology work and how it is the basis for cryptocurrency.

A webinar was conducted by the club on the use of AI to trade cryptocurrencies. Subject experts explained the platform through which the trading is done and how it works on the backend to give results.

The finance club organized a live seminar on Gateway to Financial Freedom in collaboration with Hedge Equity. The session was to educate students on planning for their future and effectively utilizing their income to the full potential to generate returns.