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The full-time and part-time doctoral programmes of SMS, CUSAT are designed to foster world class research in various disciplines of management. Each researcher is encouraged to address issues that concern practitioners in today’s enterprises. The programme is meant for focused individuals with a real passion for academics and an inclination to solve management problems through their research.

Each Ph.D student (Both Full-time and Part-time) is required to undertake course work on a full time basis for a minimum period of one semester. The course work should be completed within two years of joining for research, failing which they will be deemed to have discontinued the Ph.D. program. The course work will be treated as Pre-Ph.D. preparation and will be done along with the ongoing semester in the department.

The details of courses opted during this period are as follows:

Course I shall cover the broad area of Research of the candidate. Syllabus and Title for this course shall be prepared by Doctoral Committee (DC) and approved by Research (RC). Course II shall cover the specific topic of research of the candidate. Syllabus and Title for this course shall be prepared by DC and approved by RC. Course III shall focus on Research Methodology which covers areas such as quantitative methods, computer applications, research ethics, training, field work, etc. This course shall be designed for each faculty/department and shall be approved by the Faculty/RC concerned and may be conducted simultaneously in one or more academic unit of research. Course IV is on Research and Publication Ethics (RPE) and will create awareness about publication ethics and publication misconducts. The course structure and syllabus is as prescribed by UGC, and is mandatory in Ph.D. course work. Course V shall be devoted to the preparation of a comprehensive report of review of literature relevant to the candidate’s research and preparation, submission and defense of the Research Proposal.

The dissertation is expected to be a scholarly contribution to expertise relevant to the understanding and resolution of management problems. Students are provided with an opportunity to undertake original research in their area of interest.

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