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South India’s Biggest Management Fest

Backed by a stellar legacy of 36 years, since 1982, Talentime has been South India’s biggest Management Fest for time galore! Talentime has come a long way from being the first of its kind in 1982, and today it is celebrated every year with great enthusiasm and energy by the School of Management Studies, CUSAT. The fest has spread its wings far and wide, inviting a huge number of participants to the plethora of innovative events

being hosted every year. The Fest boasts more than 1500 participants from over a hundred educational institutions and more than 50 sponsors every year, making the event a visual extravaganza attracting huge media coverage and audience!

If the pictures don’t express the excitement, visit https://talentime.in/

About Talentime

Previously witnessed by famous International music bands and artists, this year, Talentime in 2022 brings you a grand treat where you get to experience the vibes of reputed bands and artists. The evenings of Talentime days are marked by vibrant music, dance, DJ and what not?! We look forward to entertain the participants and other visitors of Talentime with an intoxication of music, joy and celebration! The wait is over... Buckle up yourself to celebrate the days of Talentime coz the dynamic extravaganza is sure to immerse you in the festive mood!


The creative flame! The bonfire of euphoria! The glow of triumph! The biggest and flagship Management fest of CUSAT is all set to ablaze the stage again with incandescent performance of participants from colleges all over the country. This is just a long-short story. The actual liveliness of the upcoming events can never be expressed in words! Come, join the trailblazer safari and leave behind your streak of excellence!

Theme of Talentime

Amidst the fire of uncertainties and chaos, it takes persistence and a lot of optimism to turn something you believe into reality. And when you do, that becomes legendary. Facing all the adversities, tackling the challenges, and giving out new hope, Talentime is rising from the ashes, more powerful than ever. The greatest people and companies in the world have faced setbacks in their journey, making them stronger and more successful. They showed us that challenges are not something that needs to be avoided. It is a chance to learn something new, do something revolutionary, and embrace the fire to rise like a Phoenix with renewed zeal and triumph.

Major Events

Best Manager

Best Management Team

IPL Auction

Marketing Game

Group Dance

HR Game

CSR Game

Business Quiz

Voice of Talentime

Treasure Hunt

3’s Football

Spot Photography